The Toolbox

Offering professional development for youth-serving organizations

Check out our calendar page for our upcoming training sessions.

The Toolbox is a comprehensive approach to professional development for youth-serving organizations and responds to a growing need for high quality, unique and diverse youth development workshops. We bring together content experts and best practices in positive youth development to offer a yearly calendar of training opportunities. This training community is not designed to replace current efforts, but rather to streamline local and in-house efforts where overlap exists, and provide logistical support to organizations that desire to deepen impact. 

When youth development professionals build relationships with youth, they are thoughtful, creative, and use every “tool” available to meet young people’s needs. When staff enhance their skills, they ultimately provide an environment in which youth can thrive.

About our trainings

Trainings bring together practitioners from across the region, providing opportunity to build community through shared learning.

Open to all, our trainings are designed to teach youth development professionals how to work with children and youth, build program management skills and develop social and emotional learning skills.

Who should attend trainings?

  • Supervisors, directors and coordinators of programs working with children and youth

  • Board members looking to better understand quality youth programming

  • Anyone who wants to grow and develop their ability to work effectively with children and youth

On-site trainings available

On-site trainings can be offered at your organization and can be a cost-effective way to ensure all program staff learn the same knowledge base about critical issues and best practices. Organizations with multiple locations find this approach particularly helpful for improving consistent quality across sites. If interested in on-site trainings, please email

Request for Proposals

The Toolbox at MFYC is seeking training proposals from those in the youth development field or who have expertise that would impact it. For more information and to apply, please fill out our online Request for Proposals.