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Diversity Drives Excellence

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the core of VCU’s institutional values and its strategic plan, Quest 2028.

The Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success, or IES, executes the biennial Organizational Culture and Climate survey to assess opportunities for greater success in terms of diversity, inclusion and equity. IExcel Education provides the tools to actualize the goals identified through the Culture and Climate survey. 

IExcel Education increases awareness of emerging DEI themes, shares proven strategies to bolster equity and inclusion in the workplace, and empowers faculty and staff to bring DEI practices into their campus spaces. Our team contributes to this mission through priority offerings:

  • IExcel Education, a collaboratively developed compendium taught by scholar experts from VCU and other preeminent institutions, draws on cutting-edge, innovative DEI research originating from community, higher-education and industry.
  • Rammalogues offer a space for intercultural, multigenerational and community-wide dialogues around who we are and what matters to us. All students, staff and faculty are invited.
  • IExcel Mentoring consists of 15 mentoring networks that meet outside of the classroom to share perspectives on a broad range of interests including dreams, aspirations, academics, current events, family, professional pursuits and other similar topics.
  • The Toolbox offers a comprehensive approach to professional development for youth-serving organizations that responds to a growing need for high quality, unique and diverse youth development workshops.